Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paisley and Cars
Brad Paisley teamed up with British pop star Robbie Williams to record the song "Collision of Worlds" for the Cars 2 soundtrack, in stores now.

Brad says he was thrilled to contribute to the "Cars 2" soundtrack and admits he's a big fan of the animated movies -- and he's not the only one in his household who enjoys the films.

Brad is also featured on the soundtrack to the first "Cars" film. He wrote and recorded the songs "Behind The Clouds" and "Find Yourself" for the original 2006 movie.

The movie is heading into its second week and Brad's duet plays over the end credits.

Brad says of Cars 2, "It was the funniest Pixar movie I've seen. It was the most unique, most fun."

Cars 2 takes the rusty, redneck tow truck Mater to Europe.

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