Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keith Urban Tours With Clarence

Keith Urban chatted about his upcoming summer tour. Urban is giving fans more bang for their hard-earned buck by coming up with a creative new stage show and production.

“I’ve been touring a lot, for 21 years, but so many people have been out to see us multiple times, sometimes on the same tour, so we want to change it up,” Urban says. “It’s going to be a new stage, new production, lots of new songs,” Urban reveals. “Jake Owen is coming out on the American leg and there will be new moments, with us being out in the audience and other things people haven’t seen before.”

Urban said that he generally sticks to a set list while on tour, but that he will also indulge a spontaneous impulse. “It depends on the moment. I try to be in the moment,” he says; And if that moment dictates an impromptu improvisation, Urban will just go with it.

Urban chats about his Fender Telecaster guitar, which he’s had for 22 years. While many musicians give their axes a female name, Urban’s is christened “Clarence.” He says, “I am not into naming my guitars, but I called it that after the angel in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ [because] I wondered what life would be like without that guitar.”

When Urban eventually met Leo Fender, who made the guitars, he found out his real name was Clarence.

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