Thursday, June 2, 2011

Swift A "Perfect Storm"

Taylor Swift “is a perfect storm.” That’s how Kara DioGuardi sees her.

Kara, who’s written hits for Carrie Underwood and others, says:

Taylor is “a great songwriter. She’s a beautiful girl. And she stands for something for her generation.” She says “when that comes together, it has a life of its own.” And she says “when we talk about great songs, it’s all about unique perspective. She has a unique way of saying things.”

Jewel agrees. She says Taylor Swift is a person “people can identify on a three-dimensional level.” She says “you have to be a real person. You want to be authentic. And it has to be a cult of a personality that you can follow on top of being a great song.”

 Jewel and Kara DioGuardi are working together on a new songwriting competition TV series. “Platinum Hit” which premiered on Bravo May 30th.

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