Thursday, June 9, 2011

Carrie Underwood Keeping It Real

Carrie Underwood is explaining the universal appeal of country music and credits the people who follow the music for keeping it real.

"It is the least affected genre of music; it's real people," she tells Fox's All Access. "These people are the most normal people you could possibly ever hope to be around. They're your neighbors, they're your friends, they're people you work with. They just stay normal. They are not doing anything weird for attention. They're just cool people that are extremely talented. People want that."

Carrie says the fans deserve the praise for Country music. "They're so loyal," gushes the Oklahoma native. "CMA Music Fest is one example of many. When you get to something like that, everybody has such a great energy. Everybody is there to have fun. They might pay to see one person and they get to see all these other people, and they have a great time. They're so loyal. They're so happy and energetic, and we're friends. We all communicate with each other and have fun."

The former 'American Idol' winner is ready to welcome both this season's champ, Scotty McCreery, and the runner-up, Lauren Alaina, to Nashville, and offer her support and encouragement. "All I can do is give them my number and be there," acknowledges the international superstar. "Be there for questions. Be able to talk to them. Share stories. Tell them things that happened to be that hopefully will or won't happen to them. That's about all I can do. There's nothing I can sit them down and tell them that would make it easier. You just have to go through it yourself."

Carrie is spending some time off the road this summer, working on her follow-up to her multi-platinum selling album, 'Play On.'

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