Monday, June 27, 2011

Eli Young Band Life At Best CD
Eli Young Band is back on the chart with "Crazy Girl." The track is really catching on with fans and has sold more than 350 thousand digital singles so far.

It's the lead single from the group's upcoming album, Life at Best, due out August 16th.

Eli Young Band bass play Jon Jones says, "We're lucky to have loyal fans that are hungry for new music. We're glad we're finally able to put the new music out for an established fan base."

Here's the Life at Best track listing:

1) "Even If It Breaks Your Heart"
2) "Crazy Girl"
3) "Every Other Memory"
4) "On My Way"
5) "Skeletons"
6) "I Love You"
7) "The Fight"
8) "My Old Man's Son"
9) "Recover"
10) "The Falling"
11) "War on a Desperate Man"
12) "Say Goodnight"
13) "How Quickly You Forget"
14) "Life at Best"

Source: ABC News Radio

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