Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chesney On Today

If you missed it, Kenny Chesney performed for the nation and crowd at Rockerfeller Center for the NBC TODAY last Friday.  Here are some of the highlights:

Video from hulu.com

Kenny performs ‘Beer In Mexico’
Ann Curry from NBC Today mentions that Kenny is the only artist in any genre to sell over 1 million concert tickets for 8 consecutive summers.
Kenny talked about the concert he performed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama saying “It’s hard to know what the right was to do is, I didn’t want to seem rude by going ahead with the concert but I didn’t want to seem rude by not coming either.” Kenny continues “The mayor just told us that these people need something to look forward to and I am totally a believer that music is the biggest healer ever”
Kenny performs with Grace Potter his latest single ‘Tequila and Me’
Kenny performs ‘Somewhere With You’

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