Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Blake Shelton CD Tracks
Blake Shelton likes his fellow judges on The Voice. "We realized that we had some chemistry with each other, and that was just luck of the draw." He adds, "When the show is over someday, we will remain friends."

The Voice will be back for a second season, but it remains to be seen if all four judges will be able to return. 

Blake hopes he is back, "The reality of it is, you got four different artists that are doing completely different things and a network that has a time schedule that they want things to happen in. Who knows what'll happen, but I'd hate to miss it."

Miranda Lambert found herself in the middle of a mini-Twitter controversy recently surrounding The Voice. Blake's fellow judge, Christina Aguilera, insinuated that Blake was romantically interested in one of his male team members on the show. Miranda tweeted, basically saying that Christina seemed romantically frustrated in light of that comment, and Christina's fans let her have it with both barrels on Twitter. Says Miranda, "Christina Aguilera fans are very intense. I thought my fans were intense!"

Miranda is a big fan of The Voice. "It's really showing a different side of him, and he's so involved with this contestants," Miranda tells ABC Radio, "and now I'm attached to 'em, and I'm like crying over their performances." Miranda admits Blake's high-profile TV gig has increased the scrutiny on their personal lives saying, "It's like, 'We've been married for a month. Will y'all just hold on!'"

Miranda is proud of Blake's work on the show. She says, "I think this is something that's huge for him. Not only for him, but for country music because he's representing our genre, and he's doing a great job."

Blake’s upcoming album Red River Blue, is due out July 12th.

Red River Blue track listing:

1) "Honey Bee"
2) "Ready to Roll"
3) "God Gave Me You"
4) "Get Some"
5) "Drink on It"
6) "Good Ol' Boys"
7) "I'm Sorry"
8) "Sunny in Seattle"
9) "Over"
10) "Hey"
11) "Red River Blue"

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