Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taylor Swift Versus The World

Taylor Swift has enjoyed traveling the world.

"Touring internationally is one of coolest things I've got to do this year," Taylor told The Boot. "We started off the year in January going to Asia, touring in places I never thought I'd go to like the Philippines, Singapore, Korea, and then back to Japan (Taylor was there in 2010).

"Then we went straight to Europe, getting to play in places where I never thought people would know the words to all my songs, like in Germany, Italy and Spain. I looked out and they knew every word; it was an amazing experience."

Taylor thanks her fans, not only by tweeting and chatting with them on Facebook, but by hanging out with them at her stops on the tour.

"We have so much fun with the shows. There are several meet-and-greets before the show and then after the show we have this tea party meet-and-greet. During the show I have people going around through the concert and they know what I like. They look for really passionate people in the audience, maybe in the top row, maybe in the fourth row -- anyone dancing and having the best time, or dressed up like characters from a music video or maybe they're all lit up. We invite them backstage after the show and we have so much fun because we get all these people together in one room for the meet-and-greet."

The Speak Now world tour continues through November, when it ends with two nights in New York City on Nov. 21 and 22.

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