Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kid Rock Shows His Country

Kid Rock is working on a new album that he promises will have something for everyone.

Kid Rock says he will incorporate "some really good, fun rock songs to some of the country stuff to some of the mix of hip-hop and rock and blues and try to make a nice mix of a record," adding that it will be "a fun record, not serious. Rick Rubin made me a little serious."

Making an album that incorporates many music styles is easier than it seems. "People don't realize the parallels and bridges between hip-hop and country music," he tells The Boot. "It's a community of people who write and sing songs about what's going on in their environment, which might not necessarily be the mainstream, popular culture, but it influences heavily."

Rock returns for the second year and hosted the CMT Music Awards.

"I'm happy to be asked back," he notes. "I thought it went pretty good last year and I kinda wanted to duck out this year, but it's tough to say no when the ratings were good and they want you back. I definitely look forward to the performance part. We've got a fun intro that's either gonna be really good or really bad."

Kid Rock will kick off his tour with Sheryl Crow July 2 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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