Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ronnie Dunn Is Crazy

Ronnie Dunn's self-titled solo debut album is in stores this week featuring the top-10 hit, "Bleed Red." He began working on the project immediately after Brooks & Dunn's farewell tour wrapped up last year, but Ronnie admits he just couldn't get focused. "I just went crazy," Ronnie tells ABC. "I got involved in the chaos of all this songwriting and recording process."

Ronnie also got a tattoo on his forearm that says "Cowboy" around the time of Brooks & Dunn's last show.

All these changes made his wife Janine a little worried about him. One day, they were sitting on the back porch, and Janine warned him that she didn't want him to make a mistake by making impulsive decisions.

Says Ronnie, "She said, 'Why don't you stop writing for a while, and just calm down and go out to your little rock in New Mexico, stare off into the desert, and see if you can just find out what you wanna say, how you wanna say it, how you wanna sing it, how you wanna writing and come back and do that." 

Ronnie says that advice was the ticket to finding the focus he needed to make his new album what it needed to be. He's selected the song "Cost of Living" as the next single from the project. 

Ronnie takes his new music on the road again June 17th with a show in Burlington, Iowa.

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