Monday, June 6, 2011

Jerrod Niemann Bros Out

Jerrod Niemann is reflecting on his relationships with buddies Jamey Johnson and Randy Houser, Jerrod says he's struck by how loyal Jamey has been, helping him out in the early days when he didn't have to. And he thinks so much of Randy, he wants someone just like him as a son-in-law someday.

"Jamey, he has the essence of the outlaw thing going on," Jerrod tells The Boot, "so he's a very important artist to the format. The one thing the world should see is that Jamey is really caring and loyal to a fault ... he is so loyal, that he will hurt himself just to help you. It's pretty crazy! And Randy Houser -- out of all of my friends, if I had a daughter I'd hope she marries someone as good as Randy. He's a good guy. He's my only friend I'd say that about. I mean, Jamey's a good dude, too, but the guys are supposed to be scared of their father-in-law, not the other way around -- not be scared of your daughter's husband! [laughs] Randy's just as soulful as it gets, too ... a true Southern gentleman. And he has the best laugh in the world! Randy's laugh, they should bottle it up and sell it."

Jerrod admits that his current success wouldn't have been possible without the kindness and support of his friends in the Traler Park, (the name they gave themselves back in the day when they were playing jam sessions in the honky-tonks) including longtime buddy Lee Brice as well. The boys formed a solid brotherhood that may have tested their livers, but definitely strengthened their hearts, according to Jerrod.

"I wouldn't be where I am today without these guys, Jamey and Randy especially. They've done a lot of things for me, like the Traler Park Revival tour. That was two years ago, and I didn't even have a record deal then, which was an amazing thing that Jamey allowed me to go on the road with them. It means a lot, because I certainly was not contributing anything musically back then; I was basically just being a friend. It's that friendship that pulls you through. Music brought us together, but then real life is what makes you brothers."

Jamey and Randy are out with Willie Nelson on his Country Throwdown tour, while Jerrod takes to the road as part of Brad Paisley's H20 II World tour.

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