Monday, June 20, 2011

Papa-sghetti At The Rucker House
Darius Rucker has created his own spaghetti dish, which his kids affectionately dubbed “Papa-sghetti.”
Rucker explains, “I cook a mean ‘Papa-sghetti,’ which is spaghetti made by papa.”

Darius tries to make the dish at least once a week, as he told the Today Show, “Because it’s my meal. I can put that together in a minute, I’m cool with that.”

Rucker will pretty much eat anything that is deep fried, since he grew up on Southern fried food: “I’ll eat sushi if you fry it up!” Darius says his favorite time to cook is breakfast, “I’ll get up and make anything they want for breakfast.”

Not that he’s always the one cooking. “Okra soup is my absolute favorite meal in the whole world,” Darius continues. “It’s funny… my wife doesn’t cook very much, but one thing she learned to cook is okra soup. I think she makes it once a year but I’m happy every time she does it.”

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