Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jo Dee Messina Donation To Red Cross

In April,  Jo Dee Messina announced her “A MILLION DOORS” campaign to help raise $2.3 million for a non-profit school in Nashville, the Holy Trinity Montessori, by donating proceeds from the sale of a new song “Carry Me.”

She was also working on setting up a concert tour to benefit the school–and a Saturday, June 25th show in Pittsburg, Kansas was confirmed, but funds from that show are now earmarked to help victims of the recent violent tornados that devastated the region.

After learning that promoter Al Zar lived in Joplin, Missouri and lost everything he had, Jo Dee and Kate Riley, the head of the Montessori school, decided the Red Cross needed the money more than their school.

“After the tornados, I reached out to Al, knowing they hit close to where we were having the concert,” says Jo Dee. “He lost everything. When I told Kate about this, she was saddened and suggested that if the shows do happen that they should give the money to him. When my management offered this to Al, he said, ‘Instead of me, why don’t we offer the proceeds to all the people in Joplin, by donating proceeds to the Joplin Red Cross?’ And so we are!”

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