Monday, June 6, 2011

Dolly Parton's Hair-y Stories

Dolly Parton is never without one of her many trademark hairpieces; in fact, no one outside of her closest inner circle knows what her real locks look like! But there are some wig stories Dolly is willing to share.

"One time I was riding a bicycle with my best friend, Judy Ogle, and we went to this little grove with an overhanging tree," Dolly recalls to Q magazine. "As I cycled under it, I saw Judy crying with laughter. I turned around, and there was my hair hanging from a branch.

"There are always nightmares when you wear a wig and I usually do, even if it's just a little short one," continues Dolly. "Another time, I was doing a show and my fiddle player got his bow stuck in my hair. Every time he played a note, I could feel my hairpiece lifting up."

Dolly hits the road July 17 on an international trek in support of her 'Better Day' album, which will be released June 28.

"I wanted to do an album that would be very uplifting and positive, as well as inspirational," Dolly says of the new project on her own Dolly Records. "Times are hard all over. I think people need to feel better and I thought 'Better Day' was a perfect title because it says 'hope.'"

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