Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LeAnn Rimes Is NOT Skinny

LeAnn Rimes set off controversy recently, after pictures surfaced of her in a skimpy bikini on her Mexican honeymoon with new husband, actor Eddie Cibrian.

"For someone like me who is healthy, who works hard for my body, it's very frustrating," she tells People magazine. "People are calling me bulimic or anorexic, and these are real issues and diseases -- that I don't have."

LeAnn says she puts a high priority on her health. "I work out and take care of myself, and not in an over-obsessive way," she insists.

Her personal trainer, Michael Jackson, agrees. "My main concern with her is that she's toned and healthy. And she is," he asserts.

The new Mrs. Cibrian recently joined her spouse for a benefit for tornado recovery, following the deadly storms in Alabama and Missouri, which raised $36,000.

LeAnn’s film credits include the TV movie 'Northern Lights' and the film 'Good Intentions,' will next star in a CMT movie, 'Reel Love,' opposite Burt Reynolds. The film is slated to air in the fall.

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