Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dunn With The Cost Of Living

Ronnie Dunn‘s second single, “Cost Of Living” is in the hands of country radio stations across the United States and Canada.  

The song was originally called “The Application.” It tells the story of an un-employed husband and father trying to find work in a struggling economy. Dunn says the song had been “been pitched all around town” until it finally ended up in his hands a few years ago.

“There is a very unique story about ['Cost Of Living'], Dunn tells Country Music Is Love. “That song came to me in 2008. Phillip Coleman had written almost the entire song, all the verses and stuff. It didn’t have a title. It didn’t have a hook line [or] a chorus. I asked when I first heard it, if I could have a shot at it, ‘could you just give me two days. I won’t hold it up or anything.’”

Dunn says this is one of the songs on the album that he gets “most excited” about.

“This [song] is not manipulated, it wasn’t written to exploit the economy,” Dunn explains. “[Phillip] is out there working for a living, mowing yards to pay the way for his wife and daughter.”

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