Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Brad Paisley Is In DEEP Trouble

Brad Paisley is bracing for a retaliation prank since he pulled a practical joke on his tour mate Blake Shelton a few years ago.

Brad recalls when they were both "struggling young artists." He went over to Blake's bus to hang out and chat. That's when he pulled a prank, which unfortunately for Blake, wouldn't be discovered for days.

"I had one of those stick-up air fresheners, and we stuck it under the table in the front lounge [of Blake's bus]," Brad tells The Boot. "We replaced the contents with raw chicken. It was not old chicken at that point. It had no odor whatsoever. By Sunday, [laughs] they had found it, because they had to -- the bus smelled like someone had died! They said they kept looking under that table, and all they saw was a stick-up air freshener and couldn't understand what was making that smell, because there's even an air freshener there. Finally, somebody [discovered it]. That was the last time we played with them ... That was only three dates, and we have 30-something this year!"

"You couldn't get onto the bus without throwing up," Blake recalls, telling The Boot it was the worst prank ever played on him. "That's how long it took us to find it."

Brad discloses. "I thought at that point that either one of us would probably not be around in 2011. [laughs] I figured I was safe. One or the other of us is going to fall off the face of the earth and no longer be a threat on the road, and here we go. I regret it just a little bit."

As far as Blake is concerned, he questions Brad's creativity in coming up with a brand-new tour name. "What's wrong with Brad Paisley that he can't think of a new name for his tour?," he asks. "Who says H20 tour II? Is he too busy that he can't sit down for 10 minutes to think of a new name? Because it is a new year and a new tour."

Blake has a two-fold reason now for getting long-overdue revenge; he also wants to help his new bride, Miranda Lambert, get back at Brad for what he did to her on tour last year.

"She said, 'I want you to do something to him to get him back for the stupid crap he did to me out there,'" Blake recalls. "She was playing 'White Liar' one night and [Brad] had gotten into the big screen behind and posted during her performance, pictures of me with other girls from the last few years, on the big screen behind her during her show. Afterwards, he goes, 'Man, I think she got mad about that.' I said, 'Well, Miranda's not the kind of girl that sits around and dreams up pranks. She'll just wait until you're not looking, and she'll kick you straight in the nuts one of these days.”

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