Monday, September 1, 2014

Rascal Flatts Still Loves The Vibe of Bar Gigs

They got their start playing in small bars and clubs, and although they’ve since graduated to arenas and amphitheaters, they still remember and appreciate those early gigs. “There’s somethin’ to be said for havin’ a little intimate crowd and bein’ able to connect with each and every person in the room,” says Jay DeMarcus. “Unfortunately, that doesn’t pay the bills. So we have to go to larger arenas in order to do what we do. But, we do love goin’ back. Every once in a while we’ll go back to a club and sit down and do a couple sets just to remind ourselves how much we love the old days.”

Rascal Flatts is currently out on their Rewind Tour playing their arena-size hits like “Fast Cars and Freedom,” “Me and My Gang” and their current single, “Payback.”

Friday, August 29, 2014

AJ Celebrates An Amazing Quarter Century Of Success

Alan Jackson and his family, as well as members of his road band and many of his co-writers were on hand as the superstar’s exhibit, 25 Years of Keepin’ It Country, was unveiled. Included in the exhibit are the guitar he played on the CMA Awards when he debuted “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” just two months after the September 11th terrorist attacks and the nation’s response that inspired the song; the front of an old, red Ford pickup truck that served as Jackson’s first Fan Fair booth, before his sister and brother-in-law had it made into a desk; The water ski Jackson rode, while wearing his trademark white cowboy hat, in the “Chattahoochee” music video; a collection of belt buckles from the Houston Rodeo -- which Jackson has played more than 20 times. Alan’s “first love,” a used 1955 Ford Thunderbird, will be on display in the conservatory of the Hall of Fame.

“It’s just hard to believe that I’m included in this great building with so many legends of great American music and to be a part of it is just unreal, this whole thing’s unreal,” says Alan. “We’re glad to share it and I hope that all of my fans especially will enjoy seeing what they helped build.”

Alan Jackson: 25 Years of Keepin' It Country opens to the public on Friday (August 29th).
A little tidbit -- the reason the exhibit is called Keepin' It Country -- other than the obvious -- is that with every correspondence the legendary George Jones would send to Alan, he'd sign it 'Keep It Country.'

Alan will also take the stage in the museum's new 800-seat CMA Theater as its 2014 Artist-in-Residence on October 8th and 22nd.
Both Wednesday night concerts start at 7 p.m. Tickets go on sale at Noon on Monday, September 8th.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jennifer Nettles Is A "Guest Mom"

Nettles is the guest editor of the August issue of Momtastic, and as part of her duties, she reveals her list of mom-essentials for babies.

The  singer’s and husband Justin Miller’s son Magnus Hamilton Miller turns 2 in December.

Some of her necessities include zip up onesies and sleepers ("The zipper makes it very easy for quick diaper changes. Especially for those in the middle of the night."), a Boppy pillow ("great for breastfeeding support and also good for laying baby on and around as he/she develops into sitting up."), Fisher Price swing ("Magnus loved this thing! Consequently, so did we!") and a Bumboo Floor Seat ("Magnus loved being able to feel independent and 'sit up' before he could do it on his own.").

Monday, August 25, 2014

Florida Georgia Line Remembers Where They Came From With “Dirt”

FGL’s latest single is definitely different from their hits like “Cruise” and “This Is How We Roll,” but Tyler Hubbard says that was part of the appeal of the song. “We’ve done the party songs, we’ve done the upbeat fun stuff, and this is just a song that everybody can relate to. People young or people older, everybody kinda has that place in their life that’s home and that they have a special spot in their heart for. So I think that’s the kinda thing we’re tryin’ to capture with this song.”

The guys knew the song was one they wanted to record the first time they heard it. Tyler says, “When we first heard ‘Dirt’, I mean, we were blown away. It was one of those songs, you kinda get done listenin’ you have chill bumps on your arms, and you’re just like, wow, I can really relate to that. So, it his us hard the first time we heard it.”

They also like the message of the song. “(It’s) just kind of a little reminder of the importance of where you came from,” says Tyler, “where you grew up, and just in general where you live now and whatever that area is for you in your life.”