Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sheryl Crow's Country CD Coming Soon

Sheryl Crow has lived in Nashville full-time for five years. She is now working on her first country music album.

“I’m working on it right now,” Crow tells the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I’m doing some work with Brad Paisley” (Crow also appears on his new album, This is Country Music). “I’ve been doing a lot of writing. Hopefully it’ll be out early next year.”

“I already had a pretty strong country influence in my music,” she says. “You listen to ‘Strong Enough’ and ‘If It Makes You Happy’ and ‘Hard to Make a Stand,’ there’s a lot of country influence in there already, but there’s just no pedal steel and no fiddle. The lyrics are nearing what I consider straightforward country lyrics; they’re a little left of center.”

Crow will appear with Kid Rock at the CMT Music Awards.

“I had a huge response after I sang ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ with Loretta Lynn [on the CMA Awards]. That’s the kind of country music I really love — the old-fashioned Jimmie Rodgers, Carter Family, Loretta Lynn kind of country music. It will be more old-fashioned than it will be new country.”

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