Monday, June 20, 2011

Trace Adkins On Catching Fish

Trace Adkins has included his daughters MacKenzie and Brianna in previous videos, so he wanted to feature his youngest girl, Trinity, in the new video for "Just Fishin."

Trace during his fan club party at CMA Music fest revealed that Trinity and he while filming were provide with fish for the scenes but they did not need them as they really did catch 5 fish while doing the shoot.

Trace admits Trinity isn't a ham in front of the camera. "She doesn't naturally seem to be the actress that some of the others are," Trace told TheBoot. Trinity opens up when the camera's not rolling, so the video director told her they were reloading film when they were really shooting, in order to get the best shot.

"Just Fishin'" will be included on Trace's next studio album, due out later this year.

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