Monday, June 20, 2011

The Ultimate Sacrifice Heroes At Home
Seana Arrechaga of Clarksville, TN, shared how she met and married her best friend and his ongoing dedication to service as part of a national song contest to recognize military heroes. It was this personal tribute that stood out to country musician and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Josh Gracin, who named Seana the winner and will bring her memories to life through music.

“No matter what he was doing, he dedicated 100 percent to getting it done, even in the last few hours of his life. He was too stubborn to let go because he had too much to live for. That right there is what makes him my hero.”

“In the 1305 days I had him, he showed me how to live with no regrets and how to love with no limits. He taught me that you have to fight for what’s right when no one else will especially when it comes to your family.”

As part of the Sears Heroes at Home “Portraits of Heroes” song contest, Josh will write and record a song based on Seana’s winning story.

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