Monday, May 23, 2011

This Is Country Music

Brad Paisley's last five albums all landing at the top of the charts. Brad has found a formula that works. But he says he is ready to shake things up -- if only just a little bit.

"'This Is Country Music' is pretty country," Brad tells FOX News. "I go out there on some things that are a little bit left of center, but there's really nothing that wouldn't work on country music and within the boundary."

The new CD, he explains, highlights everything he loves about his favorite genre. "Country music really is about lyrics, and is about going places that maybe other formats don't go," Brad maintains. "Country music will sing about somebody getting an illness, they'll sing about patriotism and church and religion and love and heartbreak and drinking. All these things are really themes that they do well, so we tried to fill this album with stuff like that."

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