Thursday, May 5, 2011

New CD From Martina Is Nameless

Martina McBride will release her new album on August 23, 2011.  Martina informed fans of the release date for her so-far untitled 11th studio effort during a special live streaming video chat.  The first single from the new CD is already on air, Teenage Daughters.

“August 23 is the magic day,” McBride announced excitedly, and then went on to explain why she’s so pleased with the record. “I think it shows a few different sides of me. I wrote a lot of songs for this album and was just able to really tap into some fun things, and there’s a couple romantic songs. I think it’s gonna show you a more personal side of me and a more well-rounded side of me as an artist.”

As for the album’s name. “We haven’t come up with an album title yet. Album titles are very hard –- [you need] something catchy but something that’s cool yet something that sums up the whole album’s feel … haven’t really gotten that far yet. We’ll have to start working on that soon.”

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