Thursday, May 19, 2011

Zac Brown Shares

Zac Brown is starting his own record label. 

Southern Ground Artists, Inc. already has a roster of five artists: Sonia Leigh, the Wood Brothers, Blackberry Smoke, Levi Lowrey and Nic Cowan.

"I'd like to think there's a movement coming out of Atlanta that's like [Memphis-based soul label] Stax was, back in the '60s," Zac tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper.

Zac himself is very hands-on with his artists, all of with whom he and his Zac Brown Band partners have personal ties. Zac co-wrote and lends guest vocals to Sonia's song, 'Roaming.' Levi is the co-writer of Zac Brown Band's huge hit, 'Colder Weather.' Blackberry Smoke are on the road with ZBB this summer. And ZBB multi-instrumentalist Clay Cook is featured in the Wood Brothers' video for 'Shoofly Pie.'

Southern Ground Artists actually got its start last year with the Zac Brown Band's Letters for Lyrics campaign.

The label was the force behind the 11-track compilation CD that was given to fans who wrote letters to American servicemen and women. Learn more about Letters for Lyrics here.

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