Friday, May 6, 2011

Josh Kelley Dishes Inside Scoop

Josh Kelley recently shared some inside info about Miranda Lambert.  Josh Kelly tells Taste of Country, “She (Lambert) tours with a traveling bar that travels with her to every show.”

Kelley also got to go behind the scenes with Lambert as she debuted her new girl band, ‘Pistol Annies’ in front of him, his band and crew. He says,” she let us hear her new side group called, ‘Pistol Annies,’ and they are really good! They are unbelievable!”

Apparently, Lambert and her new band played for Kelley and his crew in her traveling bar and the guys were simply “blown away.” In fact, they were so impressed that Kelley told her, “you just sold four CDs.” Miranda was so excited she called her dad to say, “we just sold four CDs!”

Josh reveals a unknown fact about him as well, “That I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under three minutes,” adding, “I did it live on ‘Regis and Kelly.’ You learn the secrets after you’ve done it for awhile, you learn patterns. I have just always been good with angles in geometry.”

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