Friday, May 13, 2011

Church Is The Chief

Eric Church is trying to "move the needle."  Eric says he's hoping to take country music in a new direction with his upcoming CD, "Chief."

Referencing several country legends, he explains, "People like Waylon and Cash or Garth and Strait, they all took the format and said, 'We're going over here,' and they each changed the direction of the music a little bit -- helping to make it what it is today."

Church intends to start making country music what it will be tomorrow, and he realizes his opportunity might be short-lived. He shares his theory, saying he believes artists, "only get a small window of time to make records when people will really listen and care."

But Eric knows he has a core group of loyal fans who are listening and care, and he greatly appreciates them. He admits he's built his career, "on the backs of the fans" who have "carried the torch, Our music belongs to them."

Church's third CD, Chief, will be in stores on July 26th.

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