Monday, May 30, 2011

Niemann And His iPod

Jerrod Niemann is not shy about his iPod music list because there are no such things as guilty pleasures for the singer.

When chatting with a Detroit radio station recently, Niemann said, “I don’t have embarrassing songs. My iPod, it’s pretty dear to me, so I am not embarrassed. My parents owned a roller skating rink while I was growing up, so there are those songs. And some old-school Tupac, the song, ‘Me Against the World, ‘ and old-school stuff, like ‘Walk This Way,’ with Run DMC and Aerosmith.”

Jerrod also likes indie rockers Vampire Weekend and also encouraged people to send him songs because he might end up storing them on his portable device.

Niemann recalled his first meeting with Garth Brooks. Niemann has provided Brooks with a batch of songs he had written. He eventually had a face-to-face with Brooks saying, “I went to his house and he really makes you feel comfortable.”

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