Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ronnie Dunn In Crisis

Ronnie Dunn showing up with a tattoo on his right arm that reads ‘COWBOY’ last year may have got Ronnie to think.

Dunn tells The Country Vibe, “It might have been a mid-life crisis, I don’t know.”

After explaining that his dad was always a cowboy, he says, “It was a point there at the end (of Brooks & Dunn) when it was all coming unglued for me, and I felt the need, for whatever reason, to go out there and proclaim to the world in a permanent way, that I’ve got as much of that cowboy in me as much as anybody.  I don’t know why it felt important for me to say that, other than that’s it.  I’ve tried all of my life to live up to the standards of being what my Father was, to the point of being the country singer he dreamed of being.  Hopefully, that’s the worst thing that will come out of it, I’m okay…. Therapists are standing by.”

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