Monday, May 30, 2011

Blake Shelton--Storm Chaser

Blake Shelton says he could see himself as a storm chaser. 

"I was at my house and you could tell it was kind of getting dark outside," Blake tells The Boot. "I turned on the TV and saw that there was a storm moving in. I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to this, but the local volunteer fire department gave me one of their radios so I could hear what they're doing. I turned on the radio and the more I listened about this storm, the more I realized that there was a tornado in it. It was coming, literally, directly to my house. Being the smart guy that I am, I walked outside and stood in the driveway so I could see it."

Blake continues." Once it moved past my house and got out on the prairie, it just gained a lot of momentum and got stronger and stronger, and I think it ended up killing two people out there and destroyed the school. I drove through there, and it was amazing the damage it had done."

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