Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Man Gets It

Craig Campbell as can relate. "It's about the struggles of being a parent and making ends meet," Craig tells The Boot. "This country is full of those people and and [the song] helps them get through the day. What we do even as musicians -- just as people that work day in and day out to provide -- that's what we do it for."

Every time he leaves home, Craig feels a pang, aware that he may miss something big. "I have a 9-month old and at this stage in her life, every day's a new day. She's growing so fast," he says. "If you miss any kind of time at all the next time I see her, she's totally different, that's what I'm missing the most."

Technology helps Craig deal with the distance: he and his wife use an online video-chat program so he can see, not just hear, what's going on at home.

Family Man will get a boost from an unlikely place when the song airs in an episode of HBO's vampire series, 'True Blood,' set to air July 3.

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