Thursday, May 5, 2011

CMT Video Award Nominations Surprise

Jason Aldean says he was surprised by the CMT nominations and that receiving any of those trophies would be just fine with him!

"I started getting all these texts from people congratulating me, and I had to ask what they were so congratulating me for, so that was pretty cool ... It was a good way to start my day off!"

Jason says winning the collaboration award with Kelly Clarkson for Don't You Wanna Stay (With Kelly Clarkson) would be a sweet one to take home, for obvious reasons.

"As far as one in particular I would like to win, it doesn't really matter. I haven't had a chance to win a ton of awards so far in my career, so I'm not choosy. Any of them would be fine with me. But it would be nice to win the award for the video with Kelly. That duet has been an amazing song for us, and has been huge for my career, and getting to work with her has been so great. Kelly is probably my favorite female singer out
there, so to win an award with her would be pretty cool. But like I said, I'm not picky, I'll take any of 'em. If it happens to be that one, that's awesome!"

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