Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ACM TV Show Planning For 2012

TV executives have already begun looking ahead and planning for 2012 ACM AWARDS Show. This year’s installment had the biggest ratings in the show’s history.

“Exactly 48 hours after the Sunday broadcast, it was time for the first planning session for the 2012 47th annual awards,” a top ACM staffer told Robin Leach. “It is one of the most ambitious logistical planning shows on the television calendar. We brought in over 150 staff and crew from Los Angeles and Nashville to pull it off this year. The load-in alone began 10 days prior and took nearly 1,300 hours. Add to that two hosts, 18 acts, 100-plus musicians and background singers and four special guests, and you understand the magnitude of it all — and the need to start planning literally the day after.”

Not willing to rest on the success of this year’s event, the ACM is already putting their efforts into making next year even better. “Now the conversations are on for next year already to make it even bigger, better and more spectacular. The two nights of free downtown concerts on Fremont Street were also an incredible success with record numbers. In all — record voting and record ratings. It was a very good year!,” the staffer said.

The ACM’s will remain in Las Vegas for 2012. City officials will meet with the ACM throughout the coming months to extend that deal to prevent the awards show from moving to Dallas’ Cowboys Stadium in 2013.

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