Monday, December 13, 2010

Taylor’s Tips for Healthy Living On the Road…

Taylor Swift was recently featured on Web Md online and in their magazine. It’s a great article that chronicles the story of Taylor’s success, but also how Taylor likes to stay in shape and healthy while having such a hectic schedule. “During the week, I try to eat healthily, so that means salads, yogurt, and sandwiches,” she says. “No sugary drinks. I try to keep it lighter, but it’s nothing too regimented or crazy. I don’t like to create too many rules where I don’t need them. We know what’s good for us, thanks to common sense.” On the weekends, “I allow myself to eat what I know from common sense is bad for me,” she says with a giggle. “I like comfort foods. I love a burger and fries, I love ice cream so much, and I love baking cookies. Actually, I love baking anything.”
One daily treat is a Starbucks run, where she opts for skinny vanilla lattes on weekdays and spiced pumpkin lattes on weekends. “The point,” she says, “is I’m never cutting out what I love, which is Starbucks.”

Taylor also enjoys running, and she tries to do so for an hour a day…“For me, running is about blasting a whole bunch of new songs and running to the beat. It’s also good because it makes me find a gym wherever I am,” she says. Unlike other famous colleagues, “I’m very much out in the world, and I love exploring the places we go when we tour. It’s important for me to live a full life.” But even though Taylor doesn’t really set strict rules for herself and her health, she does try to follow some basic guidelines to help keep her head and body aligned.

Reward yourself. Work for your indulgences, and then enjoy. “I have a need to feel like I’ve earned things, so when I have a week of working really hard, I get to have a day or two off — whether it’s from exercise or watching what I eat,” says Swift. Skip the judgment. When it comes to dieting and working out, Swift is watchful rather than self-chastising. “I keep an internal gauge of whether it’s been a healthy week or not,” says Swift. Then she makes adjustments instead of beating herself up.

Water it down. “I drink so much water my friends call me an alien,” jokes Swift, who says she always carries a bottle with her. Just to make sure she’s never short, the singer keeps a case in her car. Find your rhythm. To power up your workout routine, download songs or albums that you don’t let yourself listen to until you’re in motion. “I don’t like any kind of exercise other than running,” Swift says. “And I love that because it’s about the music.”

Sit with your feelings. Recognize that anxiety is not inherently bad. The experience is uncomfortable while it’s happening but can also propel you out of a rut. “It’s awful to sit there feeling that way,” says Swift. “But if you let it, it can lead to something that takes you out of that feeling and into something creative.”

The Benefits of Journal Writing. One other way that Swift sustains herself is by journal writing. “As a young kid, I learned to process my emotions by writing,” she says. Turns out, Swift intuitively hit upon a habit that studies suggest can be hugely beneficial to health in times of trouble.
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