Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Garth Brooks Concentrates on Fun Factor of Nine Benefit Shows

Garth Brooks gave a quick press conference before the start of his 9 Nashville relief shows which included 2 shows last night.

Garth says there is not a price tag he could put on the feeling of helping out his fellow neighbors with his nine shows in Nashville, and that since no one is making money from these shows, except for the flood victims, it will be all about having fun. "The feeling is so good that money can't buy this," Garth told The Boot. "And this is one of those things that the money's going to do a great thing, but the money isn't even up on the business part of it, because your promoters are not working a business deal, your building's not working a business deal or percentage deal. Every one just says, 'Well, we're just here to make sure everything's running smoothly, but none of us are making any money, so let's just go have fun.' And that relaxed feeling come up on stage, it'll be in the audience, as well."

These shows are Garth's first concert appearances in Nashville in over a decade, and are the only arena shows he will do all year. 

Garth sold more than 140,000 tickets, and what started as one benefit concert to help flood victims exploded into nine sold-out shows. 

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