Saturday, December 25, 2010

Carrie Underwood’s “Soul Surfer” Will be Shown in Churches First

Carrie Underwood’s first movie, “Soul Surfer,”  will be seen by church and community leaders first for free. The hope is those people will praise the movie and then, word-of-mouth will fill the theaters with paying customers when it opens.

When notice was first sent out on Thursday, the preview material said: “These exclusive pre-release screenings are for church and ministry leaders ONLY. All leaders will need to check-in upon arrival.” But, by Friday, the wording changed to: “This advanced screening is ONLY for key leaders . All others are invited to see the movie when it opens in theaters on April 15.”

“Soul Surfer” is the story of Bethany Hamilton, the teenaged surfer in Hawaii who lost her arm in a shark attack. Carrie Underwood plays a youth counselor in the movie.
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