Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brad Paisley Developing New TV Series?

Country star Brad Paisley signed on to help develop a new TV drama for the CW in October 2009.  The series was tentatively called "Nashville," focusing on a young woman who's destined for fame as a singer and a man who is struggling in his career as a songwriter.

Paisley said, quote, "very excited to portray the country music world of my favorite town, Nashville, by showing the exciting life of musicians, songwriters and performers -- all very talented people."  He notes, quote, "Country songs are like great scripts already and it's going to be fun to see how some unfold on the show."  Paisley is scheduled to be contributing songs to the project, and he's also expected to appear on select episodes.  But the singer says he won't be the only familiar face on the screen, adding, quote, "Look for some of your favorite country music stars to make their acting debuts on the show -- either by playing themselves or as a character in the script."  

Has the project been scrapped or is this the next phase along with the upcoming book in 2011? 

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  1. Heard about this in the early part of 2010... hope it hasn't be scrapped, would really love to see this green lit... I might start watching the CW again.