Monday, December 27, 2010

Kenny Chesney became his own definition of a winner

Back in 1995 Kenny Chesney was asked for his definition of what makes somebody a winner in country music. As it turns out Kenny was describing himself in the long run,
Kenny said, "A winner? A lot of people look at success in different ways. To some people success means winning awards. Awards are great and I hope I win a bunch of them, but that doesn't mean success to me.  

Let me say this. Somebody asked me the other day what was your long term goal? I said "to be here for a long term." If I'm here for a long term, that' s success, that's a winner. That means you've sold a lot of records. That means you've made a lot of fans. That is what it's all about. Those fans. Pleasing them and having fun doing it. To me, that's a winner. "

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