Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LeAnn Rimes #1: Santa's Hollywood Naughty List

Here’s Hollyscoop’s list of the naughtiest celebrities in Hollywood who are definitely getting coal in their stockings this year!  For the full scoop on why they made the list...click HERE!

10. Alexis Neiers
9. Paris Hilton
8. Demi Lovato
7. George Lopez
6. Miley Cyrus
5. Jesse James
4. Tony Parker
3. Charlie Sheen
2. Lindsay Lohan
1. LeAnn Rimes : LeAnn gets Hollyscoop’s #1 pick because nobody likes a home wrecker.  She basically flaunted her affair with Eddie Cibrian for everyone to see, and then cried because everyone hates her now. 

Last year at this time, Leann and her ex Dean Sheremet decided to divorce. It wasn’t long before LeAnn moved right in with Eddie. They pose for the paps like it’s going out of style, and expect everyone to think they’re adorable just because they’re in love. 

We understand that sometimes the love fizzles in a marriage, and you can even start developing feelings for someone else. But the way she went about the whole thing is just despicable. You’re naughty to the max, LeAnn, and deserve nothing but coal in your stocking this year!

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