Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taylor Swift Keeping Control Of Her Image -- And Herself

Taylor Swift tells Britain's "Telegraph" she's not out to project a "sexy" image, and simply wants to be genuine. "'I wouldn't wear tiny amounts of clothing in my real life so I don't think it's necessary to wear that stuff in photo shoots." Taylor calls it a "life decision," saying she enjoys wearing pretty dresses and dabbling with different styles, but, "I don't feel comfortable taking my clothes off."

Swift admits people used to try to persuade her to do something a little more risque, but "not anymore," since she's made it clear how she feels about the matter. Taylor adds that it's important to her to remain in charge of herself, which is also why she doesn't drink. She says she's concerned that if she were to overindulge she, "might come off in a way that I can't control."

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