Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brad Paisley Teaches Humor To His Kids

Brad Paisley has his— 4-year-old Huck and 2-year-old Jasper — following NBC’s Thursday Night comedy ‘The Office’.

“I taught my son to say, ‘That’s what she said,’” Paisley, clearly a fan of ‘The Office,’ tells PEOPLE. “He’ll use it for any and all situations. It brings the house down! [My wife] thinks it’s both hilarious and horrifying.”

Paisley and his sons keep the house entertained, especially with Dad’s passion for ‘Star Trek.’ “I’m one of the few ‘Star Trek’ fans with children, who’ve actually had the ability to accomplish what you have to accomplish to have a child,” Paisley says. “I love ‘Star Trek,’ I love ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ I love ‘Star Wars,’ and my kids are into superheroes … it’s like Comic-Con at our house.”

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