Thursday, April 21, 2011

Justin Moore Feels a Bit Guilty Being Away from Daughter Ella

Image: The Valory Music Company
Justin Moore is away from home on tour most of the time, so any days he gets to spend at home with wife Kate and their daughter Ella are precious. In fact, Justin felt guilty about wanting to go fishing on an off-day at home recently. He says, "My wife goes, 'Justin, go fishin'," and I threatened to take my daughter, but I didn't. I felt like she's a little too young." 

When he's home, Justin is a real hands-on dad. "I do the changing of the diapers and all that stuff," he says. Justin actually encourages his wife to go out shopping when he's home so he can have time to bond with Ella. Justin explains, "She's pretty infatuated with her mom at this point because of the lack of time I get to spend at home."  Justin's hoping to turn Ella into a daddy's girl in the next year.

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