Sunday, April 17, 2011

Carrie Underwood Shops Healthy Groceries for Herself

Carrie Underwood shops for herself because she insists on knowing exactly what’s in her food. Carrie admits she steers clear of all fast food, even with her hectic schedule, and prefers to take time out to shop for her own groceries so she’s fully aware of what she’s putting in her body.

Carrie told health magazine WebMD, “It would be very easy to go eat that all the time. But if I don’t know what’s in it, I don’t eat it. That’s my rule.” And she’s amazed by fans’ reactions when she meets them at the store.

She says, “It’s a very human thing to do, and that’s why I love it so much. When you’re out on the road, people see you as a performer – not necessarily as a human being, first and foremost. So it’s really nice to go and do things that… people do! I always hear, ‘You shop yourself?’ I would hate to see the day when someone else had to buy my groceries for me!”

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