Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blake Shelton has Twitter Moment When Actress Zooey Deschanel Answers

Credit: twitter/sheandhim.com
Blake Shelton‘s dream of getting through to Zooey Deschanel via Twitter finally came true.

“My coffee drinking is out of control! OUT OF CONTROL!” Deschanel tweeted from her official Twitter page. “You could not pry this mug from my morning hands.”

As Blake typically does, he re-tweeted her comment, adding: “It’s Zooey!!” Just minutes later, the actress sent the singer a reply, tweeting: “It’s true! It’s me!”

While Shelton gathered his thoughts, he once again tweeted her original tweet — but couldn’t quite contain his excitement. He said, “She answered!!!!! For God Sakes people!!! SHE ANSWERED!!! Happy happy joy joy!!!”

Without missing a beat, Shelton tweeted yet again, this time thanking a few folks for making his dream of getting Deschanel’s attention finally come true. “Wow … I’d like to thank all the followers who’ve supported me over the years, haters, PETA and of course Twitter … She finally answered!!!!” he said.

Deschanel kept the good times rolling, following his tweet with another one of her own: “This is clearly the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” To which Shelton replied, “So happy I seriously just high fived my bass player!! In the face.”

Shelton’s fiance, Miranda Lambert, got in on the fun, too tweeting: “Thank you @therealzooeyd for answering my financy, @blakeshelton’s tweet. Maybe now he’ll obsess over something else:) luv @Miranda_lambert.”

“Busted..” Shelton replied.

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