Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Band Perry Have Avoided Heartbreak Thus Far
Band Perry sings about heartbreak and broken engagements in songs like 'You Lie,' yet heartbreak has eluded them thus far.

"No, I have not been engaged," Kimberly Perry tells The Boot. "I would like to be one day. [laughs] We always walk, especially with this album, along the lines of reality and the surreal. Engagement and even deep sort of relationships always feel surreal to us at this time because we're all tied up in the music."

They may not have lived through the breakups of their music, but they are able to draw from personal experiences when writing and performing those tunes. "We're squeaky clean when it comes to heartache," Kimberly continues, "although, folks really close to use have walked through that."

The Band Perry are nowhere near making up their minds on what the next single will be. "We're debating," Kimberly says. "There are a few options."

"It depends on the day of the week," Neil adds. "Seeing what mood we're in."  There are definitely ample choices. "'All My Life' would be a good contender," Kimberly admits

The family are out on the road with Tim McGraw for his Emotional Traffic tour.

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