Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Band Perry Biggest Fans Are Also Biggest Critics

The Band Perry having named the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Artist sent out a huge thank you to their parents during their acceptance speech.
“Because we are a labor of love,” Kimberly said of why they thanked their parents first. “Mom and Dad are everything…our biggest fans but also our greatest critics.” “We have been doing this for thirteen years this October and they have been with us from day one,” added Reid. “And they are still with us here. Our momma comes out everywhere with us and our dad when he can take time off comes with us as well. They both work with us and they’re our greatest partners,” said Neil.

“Our Dad is always the best at asking questions,” Kimberly continued. “We had no clue what we were doing when we got started thirteen years ago. So he was our surrogate booking agent and our biggest question asker. [Our mother] is our detail lady, she knows how to keep us in the right head space and works hard to keep us at our best, which is sometimes quit a chore.” (laughs)

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