Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ronnie Dunn Leaks New Details About Don Henley’s Upcoming Country Album

Ronnie Dunn recently mentioned recording a song for the Eagles Don Henley for his upcoming album. The tune Dunn sang on with Henley and Alison Krauss was the Eagles’ classic hit ‘Seven Bridges Road.’ Dunn said to walk into the studio that day was “terrifying” — not only because he was meeting the Eagles’ legendary drummer for the first time.

Ronnie admitted that it was weird to have a legend like Henley coaching him through his harmony part. They ended up cutting the song live, and after he got home, Dunn got a text from Henley that read, “Man, you did a great job. Thanks for being so patient.”

No other secrets from the album have been leaked just yet, but we do know that Henley is still in the recording process and that more country stars who may be involved will be named as the weeks go on. 

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