Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Josh Gracin talks ‘Idol’ Life, Has Advice to Scotty McCreery

Curfews, chaperones and no drinking: Those were just three of the rules ‘American Idol‘ contestants had to follow during season two of the reality show.

Former finalist Josh Gracin tells Taste of Country that there were a lot of rules, but he loved his mansion experience. “I got used to that with the military,” the former Marine jokes, “so it was no different for me.”

Gracin weighs in on why contestants in recent seasons haven’t had the staying power of early season singers, saying, “‘American Idol’ really doesn’t take that much time to get to know the contestants on an individual basis like they did when I was on the show. It’s a much more filled show than it was back then. You know, second season, they were still figuring out what they wanted to do.”

Scotty McCreery has gotten some advice from Gracin as he will no doubt be considering record labels and contracts very soon.

“Take your time, find the right people, really get to know them,” he says to McCreery. “You don’t want people that set you up for them to make a quick buck. You want people that will set you up for a career — something you can grow on and keep building on and keep getting bigger.”

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