Sunday, April 17, 2011

Julianne Hough Still Adjusting to Paparazzi Hounding Her and Boyfriend Ryan Seacrest

Jeff Lipsky Womens Health
Julianne Hough covers the May issue of Women's Health, and she's not too shy to talk about boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.

On a recent vacation in Mexico with Seacrest, Hough was rubbed the wrong by paparazzi. "I was thinking, 'Oh, crap, maybe I should've sucked in a little.' They were photographing us from a boat, and it was the first time I've gotten upset, like 'I can't just lay out and stuff my face?' It really messes with you," she said.

Asked who would be a great match for 'Dancing With the Stars,' Hough, a professional dancer as well as a recording artist, said, "Justin Timberlake would not be a bad dancing partner!"

On her favorite 'Dancing With the Stars' partner of all time: "I hope my partners don't get mad at this but Apollo is probably my favorite because he was my first partner. You know, it was my first time. I got three tens for the first time, got to do the Pasa Doble for the first time and just experience everything for the first time so [Apollo] was definitely my favorite."

A family is in her future: "I'm starting to be more passionate about [eating natural foods]. I don't want to have kids anytime soon, but when I do, I want my body to be healthy"

On staying fit while she's on the road: "It's so hard to stay fit while you're traveling, but for me it always makes me feel better on the inside if I've worked out."

On being fit: "It's what you want to feel on the inside, not necessarily what you want to look like on the outside."

On her body: "Growing up, I could eat anything, but the minute I hit 22, I stopped dancing and kept eating whatever I wanted, and I gained weight. Then I started reading [critical] comments in blogs. That freaks you out and you get caught up in it. But if I deprive myself, I end up binge eating. I didn't want to do that. Now if I want something, I'll have it and I won't feel guilty. Then the next day I won't crave it."

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