Monday, April 25, 2011

Josh Turner Admits Raising Three Young Boys Is a Challenge

Josh Turner and his wife Jennifer welcomed their third son, Marion, last December. Josh says he's heard from a lot of couples who have three or more children that having three kids at home is the toughest. "I told Jennifer, I said, 'We either have to give one away or have another one," Josh says with a laugh. 

Josh says it's challenging for him and Jennifer to take care of all three boys at the same time. He says, "We're obviously outnumbered," adding, "The two older ones are just into everything." 

Going out came be a challenge for Josh and Jennifer too. "We have to be a little more methodical, a little more strategic in how we get out of the house," Josh admits. Josh will be taking the whole family along when he hits the road again in Redding, California on April 28th. 

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