Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Toby Keith Calls Daughter Krystal’s Music ‘Country as Cornbread’

Toby Keith‘s daughter Krystal makes music that is just that: country as cornbread.  Keith talked about recent recording sessions and likened his daughter to an era of country music gone by.

Keith said she’s a lot like him, saying, “She’s like me, she sings hard, and she’s just country as cornbread. I have to let her go with that.” He is pitching in with the songwriting process for his daughter, revealing, “The guys I write with have started bringing some ideas in, and we’ve been writing songs for her. It’s neat, I’ve never written songs from a girl’s eye. Writing songs about guys is easy, but we’ve written some nice stuff for her and she loves it.”

Krystal’s music influences are like Patsy Cline and it fits Krys. “I have to let her cut the best songs she can cut and let her do what she does best and not make something out of here that she’s not.’ She’s a throwback to the old stuff.”

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